Kids age 7-12 years

This class is for everyone regardless of skill and rank and also open for new students

Kids age 12-17 years

This class is for students with 5th level or at least 140 cm in hight


Kung Fu Kids

Kung Fu Kids are for all kids who wants to try out real kung fu. The only requirement is, that it is the child that wants to try it. Kung Fu is much more than just selfdefence and physical training. The child will learn to listen, learn to recieve instructions, understand his/her body better, learn to meditate and also how to act socially in difficult situations. The child will slowly optain mental strength and we have often seen shy or introvert children grow independent and strong willed and full of joy and life.

We have a strong team of instructors that have taught the KungFu Kids Classes since its conception in 2007 and some children have trained since they were 3½ years old. Girls and boys are almost equally represented. 

We regularly have graduation seminars where Sifu Henrik attends and test the skills of the students and if good enough they will recieve a diploma. We have belts in varous colors representing the level of the student, t-shirts and combat wear, called a Gi.

Once a year we do a Camp, where we train all day and have a sleepover in the club. In the evening we watch old kung fu flicks and tell stories of the past and present. The kids will learn to know each other better and most will create bonds that reach beyond the club..


KungFu T-Shirt, belt and Gi. (for beginners it is good enough to just wear long legged trainers and indoor shoes and a white T-shirt). Protection gear like gloves and mouthgards are recommended for most students. Most gear can be optained in normal martial arts shops or online. A gi must be worn for the first graduation ceremoni. Ask the instructor if in doubt.


The price is 349,-/month and minimum training period is 3 months

Introduction for new students every Tuesday at 17:00: Just come and join. We don't have much time to introduce each student individually, so we urge the kid to join and just do their best: Monkey See, Monkey Do. If the child decides to join our family we gladly welcome our new member of the Vesterbro Kung Fu


Kung Fu Kid Instructors

Chief Trainer Patrick Mathiesen 

He has more than 12 years of experience with teaching kids of all ages and have students that has followed him for 10 years or more. His assistant Mingo Schøde teaches the bigger kids on Thursdays.

Sifu Henrik after graduation with the children

Sifu Henrik will test the children during graduation and afterwards conduct a ceremony where the diplomas of achievment are handed over to the student

Facebook side

The site is used for primary contact and weekly announcements and is also a place where the parents can contribute with ideas for improvements or help with other stuff

Link to Facebook site: Kung Fu Børnehold