Weng Chun Kung Fu

Weng Chun is an effective self defence koncept, an ancient martial art and a real life kung fu style with roots going back to the famous Shaolin Monastery in China. Weng Chun has been tested not only in battle but also repeadetly in solofights across the ages and keeps its promises. Work with all distances, kicks, punches, lock & sweeps, throws and groundfighting as well as knife and stick fighting.

Free intro every tuesday at kl 19:00-20:00

Price: 349,-/mt

Kung Fu Kids

We teach self defence and Weng Chun to the kids and do not promise to create small Bruce Lee's. A typical training would be to train the forms, the different technicues and then try it out by playing different scenarios in good safe surroundings and with respect for the children. The child will learn self & body awareness, get excersice, build up great self esteem, learn to take care of themselfes and show respect for elders. We presently teach two teams. The team for 7-14 year olds is basis training and the theme for the 12-17 year olds is for the more experienced and also for the bigger students. If in doubt, mail  us :-)

Free intro every tuesday at 17:00-18:00. Well met :-)

Price: 349,-/mt