Vesterbro Kung Fu

Effective Self Defence

Self defence for everybody in all ages. In relatively short time you learn to move and recode yourself with a new set of reflexes effective in various emergency situations such as self defence. Our Kung Fu is a set of ideas and concepts understandable by all ages, gender, shape and form and easy to perform.

Martial Art

Our Kung Fu is also for the more seasoned warrior with experience from other arts who wants to expand his set of skills. For enthusiastics our Kung Fu offers an Internal/External system with many beautiful forms, double knives, 6½ ' long pole, wooden dummy, sparring and physical challenging training old shaolin style.


Kung Fu is also build on ancient Chan buddhistic traditions and we strive for values such as respect, honour, courage, self awareness, openness, joy and friendliness. Kung Fu offers a family as it has for generations and everybody training will be part of a kungfu family going back decades to the old and famous Shaolin Monastery in southern China.

Shaolin Monastary