Training hours

Tu 17:00-18:00 Prøvetime, Børn 7-12 år
Tu 18:00-19:00 Prøvetime, 5+ grad,12+ år
Tu 19:00-20:30 Prøvetime + Voksen hold
Th 18:15-19:15 Børn, 5+ grad,12+ år
Th 19:15-20:45 Voksen hold
Su 14.00-15:30 Voksenhold

The school is closed for training every last sunday of the month

Remember that we follow the school calendars, so when your kids has a holiday, we close the kids training too. Payment is throughout the whole membership period.

Seminar and Graduation dates
  • Voksengraduering: 22. okt 2019, kl. 19:00-20:00
  • Juleseminar for voksne: 15. dec. kl 14:00-15:30