The Forms are Weng Chuns Library

As a traditional Kung Fu Style Weng Chun also offers several Forms. Each Form has its own meaning and purpose. Our beginner form is 'Luk Dim Boon' (6½ Principle) and contains our fighting principles. The next form is is 'Fa Kuen' (Flower Fist) which is a combat form, superseeded by 'Sap Yat Kuen' (Eternal Spring Fist) which is a Chi Sao Form (stick hands) and used for close range combat. After these there are more advanced forms like 'Saam Bai Fut' (Three Bows to Buddha), Long Pole, Double Knives, Wooden Dummy and much more.



Wooden Dummy - Muk Yan Jong (wooden dummy form)

Training utility used for practising forms and to obtain sentitivity and natural reaction patterns. The dummy does not move, so you have to move around the force of the passive dummy.

Double knives - Fu Mo Siong Dao (Father & Mother Double Knives)

'Mother always follow Father'.

Long Pole- Luk Dim Boon Kwun (Six and a half point long pole)

'The Teacher'

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