1st. degree - Base level – Belt color: White/Yellow

Concepts: Tiu (inside)

Form: Luk Dim Boon Kuen – 6½ princip

             Sektion: 1: Tai + 2: Lan

Distance: Heaven – Horisontalt:

Self defence vs Swings + defence vs side kicks

Attacks: chain punches, swings and straight punch 

Low kicks og Front kicks

Shadow boxing (Slow speed)   

Forward falling (from knee)        


5 pushups on knees,

10 squat, 5 lounges,

5 burpees,

5 atomic situps

50 puches on pads (Chain punches)

20 kick on pads (low kicks)                         


  • Who is Sifu? (Henrik Sprechler)
  • What does Kung Fu mean (hard work)
  • what is the name of our style (Chi Sim Weng Chun)